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Testimonials from some of my past pupils

I’ve had my driving lessons in the UK with Lucas and he was an amazing instructor. Very patient and friendly. He was on time always and offered additional training sessions as needed, near to the driving test date including mock test. I was able to pass my driving test with just one driving fault on the 1st time with Lucas guidance. Also the student-centred LDC system workbook helped me to prepare well for the driving lessons. This is a plus point if anyone wants to reduce the time to spend behind the wheel while training.

First time pass with LDC
Lucas is very through and methodical instructor. He worked with me to develop my skills in tandem with the LDC course. I wouldn’t have passed my driving test to handily without his guidance, patience and determination. I would recommend the LDC system to any learner driver.

Passed first time
My driving lessons with Lucas and LDC have been great. Since beginning of my lessons, I have improved drastically going from knowing the basic of operating the car, to now knowing enough of the rules and techniques to successfully pass my practical driving test first time. The system used in the lessons and LDC workbook braking down all the aspects of driving into individual lessons made it much easier to learn one topic at the time and allow us to fuscous longer on the aspects of driving that need more work. The lessons not only prepared me to pass my test but have made me fee confident in my ability to drive independently afterwords.

Lucas took me through a very thorough driving program to make sure I become a safe driver. The LDC workbook is very helpful as well and Lucas made sure that everything is well explained and also drew certain manoeuvres, so I can understand it even better. Lucas also made sure I fuscous on improving my weaknesses. He is very patient and understanding. The driving program allowed me to progress at my own learning pace and pass the driving test.

Passed First Time
Lucas is a patient calm and comprehensive instructor, who took me through LDC course meticulously, helping me to pass first time! He also developed ways to communicate with me due to my coordination difficulties, dyspraxia. I would recommend Lucas to friends who are looking to learn driving safely.

Great lessons
Learning very quickly and feel confident driving safely.

Fantastic service and quick progress.
The LD learning system worked well for me. I was pleased how quickly I progressed. My instructor was very supportive, he recognised what I needed to pass my test. I also enjoyed having control over my learning process.

Passed with ease on first attempt
Lucas made me comfortable from the first lesson. Went at the perfect pace and taught in an informative and calm manner. These lessons have made me safe behind the wheel.

Amarbir SihghAmarbir Sihgh
Passed first time.
First of all it’s a nice experience to work with Lucas. He helped me to find my faults and correct them all. The LDC workbook helped me a lot and I could prepare for the lessons in advance. I could also plan what I could do on my next session. Lucas was very accommodating with my goals for each lesson. I would definitely recommend Lucas as a driving instructor if you want to pass first time. Lucas made sure I was well prepared for my driving test, I passed first time and with only 3 minor faults.

Passed at first time
I could not be more grateful for how flexible and nice Lucas was, at such a short notice after I had been disappointed by 2 separate instructors. He was very thorugh and easy to talk to which put me at ease as I was quite anxious about my test. I got to meet him 9 days before my test and he figured out all my problems in our first lesson. We have done the training step by step. I was completely prepared for my test with in just 8 lessons. He helped to build my confidence and get me through the test. I wouldn't have been able to pass first time without him. I would 100% recommend to anyone and any time. Thank you Lucas.